Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Julian Assange ushering in a “new global information order?”

The selective release of around a quarter million US State Department cables, some of them redacted after screening by corporate media entities such asThe New York Times, The Guardian, Der Spiegel,and Le Monde, among others, comes at a time when there are calls by governments, including officials of the Obama administration, to restrict information content on the Internet.

In fact, the release of the State Department cables may have served as a digital “9/11,” an event that has spurred on the agenda of neo-conservatives who continue to exercise influence outside and within the Obama administration to bring about total government control of the flow of information in cyberspace.

The CIA has established a Wikileaks Task Force, or “WTF,” at CIA headquarters to examine the effects of the Wikileaks cable release. However, the CIA was relatively unaffected by the Wikileaks releases, but the WTF will, nevertheless, conduct a thorough review and present their findings to senior agency officials. The CIA stated its special task force is made up of seasoned officers.

Neocon agenda for State Dept. benefits from Wikileaks affair

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