Thursday, December 19, 2019

The McCain mob in the Senate has been secretly waiting for this hour

Remember, that Graham, McConnell and over half of Senate Republicans are either CFR members or former close allies of Senator John McCain, an implacable enemy of Donald Trump, an international conspirator behind the Ukrainian coup that put in the Clinton and Biden dealing regime that preceded the election of anti-corruption candidate Zelenski., whom Donald Trump, as transcript reveals, spoke innocently and appropriately to, but which Schiff’s witness fraudulently misrepresented never expecting that Donald Trump would prove his innocence by releasing the full conversation transcript unredacted. WITH McCONNELL AND GRAHAM INSISTING THAT THAT SCHIFF’S FALSE-TESTIMONY WITNESSES NOT BE CALLED FOR FULL EXPOSURE IN THE SENATE, THE REPUBLICAN McCAIN NEO-CONS AND OBEDIENT C.F.R. MEMBERS AND THE ANTI-TRUMP BUSH-APPOINTED CHIEF JUSTICE. DONALD TRUMP AND EVERYONE WHO VOTED FOR HIM OVER THE C.F.R. ORGANIZED CRIME CLINTON ARE GOING TO HAVE THEIR ELECTION CHOICE OF PRESIDENT STOLEN FROM THEM. IT CAN END NO OTHER WAY. I AM VERY SAD ABOUT THIS, BECAUSE THE LOSS OF TRUMP TO DEEP STATE C.F.R. GLOBALIST TOTALITARIANS IS THE WORST THING THAT CAN HAPPEN TO AMERICA AND THE WORLD.

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