Monday, February 05, 2018

Yes, Virginia (Dare), There IS A Deep State Conspiracy Against Trump. David Frum—Perhaps Unguardedly—Says So!

The Main Stream Media/ Democrat complex obviously got Journolist-type orders to shout down the Nunes Memo, which questions the FBI’s good faith in seeking to surveil (“wiretap”) Trumpworld, and so of course my old friend David Frum, a career MSM Token Conservative, has obediently joined in. Yet his current book Trumpocracy, clearly designed to cater to the apparently insatiable Ruling Class Hate-Trump hunger, confirms—perhaps unguardedly—that Yes, Virginia (Dare), there is indeed a Deep State AND IT IS MOUNTING A COUP AGAINST TRUMP. Significantly, Frum’s evidence is actually quite separate from the current FISA surveillance controversy. But it has been completely missed by reviewers and interviewers. They hate Trump, they really HATE him.

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olde reb said...

The “Deep State” [i.e., Wall Street in this writers opinion] wants perpetual war and has forced Trump to accept that as a condition to call off their MSM railroad to impeachment. Wall Street started WWI to protect WS loans to Europe and WW II because Japan was too competitive. Ref. DAY OF DECEIT by Robert Stinnett. John Perkins in CONFESSIONS OF ECONOMIC HIT MAN has revealed involvement of the US government military and CIA to enforce debts imposed to oppress and exploit nations for the benefit of WS. William Blum has documented the endless pattern of the CIA destruction in foreign nations. Douglass Valentine in CIA AS ORGANIZED CRIME has analyzed endless war initiated by the CIA as a standard MO which he finds is being developed in the U.S.

It is submitted Wall Street finances the nefarious acts by embezzling using the Federal Reserve. Ref. .

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