Sunday, July 09, 2017

This Neo-con administration is pushing Korea– Roosevelt-Japan-Pearl-Harbor-like — into an EMP attack that will murder most of America.

The Neo-con controlled Trump administration is taunting and prodding Kim Jong Un to do the only possible thing North Korea could do in a to-the-death war with the United States — deliver just two nuclear blasts above the United States, to knock out all electronics on each coast, destroying our electronically dependent systems that continuously sustain our population in nearly every way. The administration is part of the plot to get this outcome. Remember, Neo-cons or Deep State were full accomplices in 9-11; they arm and assist ISIS while pretending to fight them; they support the creation of Moslem refugees and the driving of them to Europe creating conditions for a perfect storm of religious and racial conflict. That is all obvious to me. Furthermore, China as allowed North Korea to be the independent rogue crazy-man of East Asia, exactly because they want North Korea to do the super dirty work of conducting EMP war against the United States so that N Korea and not China will be the object of US retaliation, if any. THERE IS NO RATIONAL REASON FOR THE US PUTTING SANCTIONS ON N KOREA AND THREATENING HER WITH GREAT CONVENTIONAL AIR AND NAVAL FORCE. Iceland and Ireland are not on the verge of war with N Korea, why should we be? There is no good

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