Sunday, April 03, 2016

How to Argue with Neocons

The first kind, the neoconservative, is probably the easiest kind to debate even though a typical neoconservative has by far the highest verbal IQ of the three. It is not difficult to argue with the neoconservative because the neoconservative already accepts that Jewish identity is real, important and worth preserving. All an alt-righter need do in an argument with a neoconservative is point out to him that it is hypocritical for him to support a Jewish identity and ethnostate but not a White identity or White ethnostate, at least in principle. Given the high verbal IQ of the neoconservative, a barrage of factoids and technicalities will be thrown at you in an attempt to wriggle out of the hypocrisy.
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Thor said...

i hate neocons. neoconservatism is, in fact, a mental disease.

i used to find neocon right-wing disgusting.
but know i don't feel disgust, i feel HATE.

right-wing is even more hateful than left-wing.

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