Sunday, January 31, 2016

US Hawks Ignore Top Israeli Official on Iran

Take, for example, the many adherents of a right-wing pro-Israel worldview-including Washington’s neoconservatives. They now dominate the Republican Party and make up a large, pro-Israel circle of hawks in the Democratic Party as well-both on Capitol Hill and beyond. What are the chances that this esteemed class of commentators, pundits, and politicians will even begin to address the remarks that Eisenkot just made? Allow me this bold prediction: few if any will deign to address them at all. I’m guessing, for example, that this news item won’t be linked in newsletters from neocon groups like the Israel Project and the Foreign Policy Initiative, which focus heavily on Iran and Israel matters. And I certainly can’t imagine they’ll appear in the neoconservative publications-CommentaryThe Weekly Standard, and so on-that supply hawkish and Republican Washington with its talking points.

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