Thursday, November 05, 2015


Responding to claims from senior UK and US officials that there is significant evidence that the plane was downed by a bomb on board, Bolton said “If it turns out that ISIS is responsible… that is the single biggest mistake they have ever made.”
“Putin now will retaliate, and he won’t mess around like president Obama has done,” Bolton added, saying that Russian action will be “extraordinarily massive.”

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Thanks for the great website, Sir. Good job! Jewish lobby (including the neo-cons), especially George Soros (aka George Schwartz), were the main actors behind the bombing of this Russian flight, by pressuring Obama who then sought Al Sisi’s help. Here is why:

Soros has been the most extreme of the Jewish Oligarchs, and inciting and financing attacks against Russians, by funding a revolution in Georgia and then Ukraine, without success.

In fact, there is an outstanding Russian arrest warrant against George Soros:

He is the main Oligarch who own and operates Obama. The Jewish lobby/Neocons were very upset that Russia intervened in Syria and derailed Israel’s plan for a Greater Israel and demanded that Obama confront Russia militarily, which Obama was hesitant to do due to the big risks involved. So they (esp Soros) demanded he at least bomb a Russian passenger jet and tell ISIS to take the blame for it, to send a message to Russia to get out of the Middle East, out of Israel's way.

So Obama obliged and sought help from their ally, Egypt, which is already the 2nd biggest recipient of US foreign aid*, after Israel, and contacted Al Sisi for help in letting one of their operatives enter airport baggage area and let them slip something in into a suitcase waiting to be loaded onto the Russian jet, while promising him millions more in foreign aid. So Al Sisi ordered his airport security officer to allow a man (posing as a higher officer or inspector) to go the back, where he took a suitcase ready to be loaded on the Russian jet to a side room, opened it and slipped in a bomb, which got loaded on the plane, thereby killing 200+ innocent Russians


Incidentally, it was done on Sabbath, a holy day for the Judaists, and in Sinai, where they believed they wandered in the desert for 40 years and where their prophet Moses is believed to have received the holy tablets, and where the Torah states that the smell of burning flesh is a “sweet savor” unto the Lord, and a holy place to do human sacrifices of Israel’s enemies and offer "burnt offerings" to Yahweh, as per the Torah.

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