Friday, April 17, 2015

Things Get Tense as Kirsten Powers Battles Krauthammer Over Definition of Neocon: ‘You’re a Neocon!’

“You both know what a neocon is and you both know neoconservatives—,” Powers said.
“Can you define it,” Krauthammer interjected.
Powers was seemingly baffled by her co-panelists’ position.
“They’re people who mostly used to be liberals, who became Republicans over foreign policy, they are more hawkish on foreign policy, Irving Kristol, is a neocon. You’re a neocon!” she told Krauthammer. “You acting like we don’t know — like there are no neocons?”
A few moments later, host Bret Baier asked if the definition is “someone who always wants to go to war.”
“Somebody who, I think, is hawkish on foreign policy—,” Powers said before being cut off.
“Is Hillary Clinton a neocon?” Bayer asked.

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