Sunday, November 10, 2013

Egypt, coup and the United States

The result of the United States’ test in the Middle East since the occupation of Iraq is the series of breaking points it is going through right now. It is high time that the American policies, which have only been perceived in terms of occupations and the scales of power in the legitimacy bubble of 9/11, are put on the table for a closer look. With its occupation of Iraq, America, whether intentionally or not, triggered the fault lines in the region. America’s relationship with the region got even more complicated after the Arab uprisings. Obama, who took office after two terms of neocon administration, at first, gave signals of a different foreign policy path. Nevertheless, despite indications of their determination to make up for the harm done in the Neocon period, the Obama administration failed to follow a tangible and unwavering policy in the region. He preferred the antidemocratic, but risk free world of the old order, to the more democratic but unpredictably, ambiguous world of the new order. 

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