Thursday, September 05, 2013

Neocons: Alligator Mouths Writing Checks They Can’t Bring Themselves to Cash

Keep in mind who neocons actually are: They are liberals who are willing to make war – but only to spread democracy. They think we have some sort of altruistic responsibilty to bring democracy at the point of a bayonet to those parts of the world where such notions of democracy not only don’t exist, but are actively, even violently, resisted. The use of overwhelming force to defend the U.S. from our enemies is not a neocon notion, it is a conservative one – in the paleo sense of conservatism. The prissy neocons are the ones who go to war and then lose because they are, underneath it all, appalled by warfare, and seek to impose upon it the sort of rules (and rules of engagement) that guarantee an eventual loss. Read the entire article

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