Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Why Neocons Are Freaking Out Over Lincoln

It is this "rhetoric of continuing revolution" that the American state has invoked for more than a century now to "legitimize" all of its powers, especially its endless aggressive wars. It is the opponents of endless military interventionism, men like Ron Paul, who alternatively invoke the Constitution as defining the legitimate role of government in society. The myths, legends, and superstitions surrounding the story of Abraham Lincoln ("Father Abraham," as the neocons are fond of calling him) are what are used to legitimize the power of the American warfare/welfare state, not the Constitution.

This fact explains the odd but perfectly predictable occurrence of recent hysteria among the neocons, especially one Rich Lowry of National Review magazine, over criticisms of the Lincoln dictatorship by yours truly and many others. They have become strangely unglued and freaked out over the fact that many young Americans, especially, no longer buy into the standard propaganda line that is always invoked to "justify" more war, more killing, more debt, taxes, inflation, spying, and other attacks on civil liberties. The neocons are still punch drunk, in other words, from how the Ron Paul phenomenon, during the congressman’s two attempts at securing the Republican Party presidential nomination, captured the imaginations of millions of young people and continues to do so.

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