Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The Two Faces Of Republican(neocon) Senator John McCain

Senator John McCain has one face for his own ultraconservative party and another face for Susan Rice and the Democrats. It is truly worse category political that one Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice(neoconservatives), could figure in a West Bank – Hamas war to roll back a legitimate democratic election without causing Senator John McCain’s mind to go into “trouble” mode while another Rice(Susan) may have guessed wrong on something that American deaths were involved in.

McCain’s party caused the deaths of 6,000 American soldiers, in an attack on Iraq, based on a neocon lie about Iraq and weapons of mass destruction. Senator McCain’s mind wasn’t troubled. Using America’s resources to, without authorization of America’s Congress, grab another country’s oil and give it to commercial interests did not publically trouble Senator McCain’s neocon face.   Read the entire article

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