Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Question for the Bloodthirsty, Warmongering Neocon Strangelovians at AEI

What a spectacle the parade of bloodthirsty chickenhawks from the American Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Foundation at last nights presidential "debate" was. Every question was essentially: "Would you as president bomb _______________ (fill in the blank) with expected applause if the answer is "yes" and silence from the most constipated looking audience in the history of television if the answer was "no."

Here's a question I would have asked to all the appointed question askers: "Since Israel has hundreds of nuclear missiles and could vaporize the Iranian capitol in an instant, what makes you so confident that the Iranian politicians are hell bent on committing personal and national suicide by attacking Israel?"

What a joke that "AEI" still claims to study "enterprise." (And weren't the question askers the most unhealthy-looking group of people to appear on television in recent memory — especially Paul Wolfowitz, who looked like a ghost?)

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