Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Neocon Hates Ron Paul

In today's word from DC, David Catron of the American Spectator tries to call Ron Paul, of all people, a hypocrite. Why? Because the one true free trader in American politics is pro-free trade. It's true that all the conservative and "libertarian" think tanks, in the pay of the big drug companies, oppose free trade in prescription drugs ("re-importation"), but not Ron. Here, David, is free trade in a nutshell. You drive to Mexico or Canada, go shopping, fill your car with goods--including any medications you want--and drive back, waving to the border guards as you pass.

Are Canadian prices too low? They can't be, or the drug companies wouldn't sell there. We can know that they are vastly too high in the US, thanks to massive frederal subsidies, from the FDA to Medicare to Obamacare, for big pharma.

As to the earmark issue, another neocon fave--since it allows these pro-spending types to pretend to be against spending--it is a matter of allocation, not spending. Should the executive branch decide all pork questions, or should Congress? The latter, as in the days of the republic, argues Ron. Of course, when it comes down to it, he votes against all pork. (Thanks to Travis Holte)

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