Friday, August 05, 2011

Why I Support A Primary Challenge To Barack Obama - And Won't Vote For Him Again

So it came as no surprise to me at all when I began to see that he was indeed a Manchurian Candidate, designed to appear to be a refreshing progressive, but a man with a hidden agenda, largely implemented out of sight, that it is hard to describe as anything other than hard-core neoconservative, in some ways, even more so than his predecessor. Over time, a lot of my progressive friends have slowly come around to recognizing that what I tried to warn them of was true. But alas, it is too late. We were stuck with yet another neoconservative, this one with a winning smile, a slick, smooth manner and a whole lot of political capital to spend on nefarious projects.

Supporting Obama has proven to be an exercise in self-flagellation for those of us who fought against the abuses of the last Republican administration. We progressives need to get over our kneejerk support of anyone with a "Dem" after their name and accept - and act on - the cold, hard, harsh reality that not all Democrats are our friends. And that begins with the neoconservative who is occupying the White House. So our only hope is a primary challenge to Obama. Not that that's likely to succeed. There's nothing democratic about the way the Democratic Party is run - and that's by design, of course.

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