Monday, April 16, 2007

Iraq: Washington's Domestic Political Booby Trap by Terrell E. Arnold for

This week, maybe next, the US Congress will wrestle once again with how to get America out of its self-initiated war in Iraq. Both houses already have passed an Iraq War funding bill that would require withdrawal of US combat forces by next year. However, the Democrats who crafted this bill do not have enough votes to make it presidential veto-proof. Both the bill and its probable future are tragic examples of America's political mismanagement and self-indulgent leadership.

This war has now gone on longer than World War II. And that is an incredible statement, since the opposing army collapsed in only a few days. The people the neo-cons promised would greet our forces with flowers now have insurgent fighters who number at least two thirds of our forces on the ground and whose goal is to convince us to leave as soon as possible.

The perverse logic of this situation is that without exaggerating we could have declared victory at the end of the first couple of weeks and brought at least the bulk of our combat forces home. Bush made the announcement with great flourish, but then he failed to get the point: If we have won, let's quit while we are ahead.

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