Tuesday, May 16, 2006


It was Israel’s neo-con friends in Washington who once believed a new Iraq would be Israel’s best ally, but the more that vision has turned to nightmare, the more Israel has looked to the creation of a separate Kurdish state in Iraq as the next best thing.

Israel’s relationship with the Kurds goes back a long way. During the Iran-Iraq war, the Israelis supplied the Kurds with weapons to attack Saddam Hussein’s forces. Then, after the first Gulf War, when the United States and its allies abandoned the Kurds, Israel continued to provide them with weapons and training.

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dandinbucurest said...

There is no doubt that Israel intervenes in Iran as it does in Iraq. But there also is no doubt that Iran intervenes in its neighborhood, including Israel. In sum, all sides are spending a fortune of money gotten through oil or US foreign aid in low yield high cost interventions. But bottom line is that GW Bush is not neocons' man but the man of the oil rich Arabs. Of course, the Arab-Israeli conflict is not as polarized as the Democrat-Republican fight to the political death in the US. Now both Semitic sides are realizing that the HIGH-TECH future is at stake in the Middle East region, AFTER oil ceases to be the key feul. Then, Israel as the long lost brother will be prized by the Arabs for its high-tech know-how. So, in sum, our Iraq War persists as a mess Bush doesn't know how to get out of, nor how to justify. The neocons got out-- just like Gen. Franks-- but they were pushed out, in time to hide and lay low so as to no longer be seen as responsible for Iraq War. But if you look carefully, they neither promote war with Iran nor defend the war with Iraq. They are looking for rocks to hide under while Israel is desperate for a deal with HAMAS and not in the slightest interested in war with Iran, short of the reciprocal interventions in eachother's inside at current low level. In sum, the Mideast is a waste of environment, ie. space, and opportunity, ie. time, that could serve an integrated high-tech peace. As Mairsheimer and Wald intimated, they do it because they can-- on our petro and aid dollars. The big losers are the little peopel on both sides. A good Jew or Muslim must surely believe that God will soon call both sides to account.

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