Monday, April 24, 2006

Two Trials by Justin Raimondo

Think of it this way: if Scooter is convicted, even as key fabrications of Iraq war propaganda come apart at the seams, then the War Party will be discredited – and we might even recover our senses long enough to get the heck out of Iraq. Then legions of antiwar leftists and conservative realists, who want to sell out human civilization to the Islamo-fascists and are secretly in league with America's enemies, would overrun Washington, until this point secured by the War Party – and then what? >From the neocon point of view, "outing" Plame was a patriotic act, indeed, the only course that could have possibly served the public interest. The CIA, in their view, wasn't just against the war and the methods employed by the administration to justify it, they were on the other side. Therefore, it was Scooter's patriotic duty to expose Plame. Case closed.

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