Saturday, February 26, 2005

All is Calm: A Photo Essay from Bushehr, Iran by Ehsan Shahinsefat for The Iranian

World-renowned Persian photographer Ehsan Shahinsefat sends BATR and Neo-Con Watch readers a message tonight through Lutheran pastor and BATR correspondent Mark Dankof. Ehsan's message is entitled "All is Calm" and is comprised not of words, but of 20 photographs of the people and scenes in Bushehr, Iran.

Only time will tell if the speculation about an American-Israeli air attack on Iran will prove true in the next 12 months. If it does, Bushehr will be an obvious focal point for tragedy, suffering, and death. Ehsan's photos remind the average American--and the world--that the consequences of war are inextricably linked to human faces and souls made in the image of God, both young and very old.

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