Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Almost everything about neocons by STEPHEN J. SNIEGOSKI

Neocons deny their own existence, but in his column for January 9 Justin Raimondo nevertheless provides an excellent summary of their movement. However, Raimondo, doubtlessly desiring to fend off the career-killing charge of "anti-Semitism," himself denies the very essence of neoconservatism. For example, citing neocon Max Boot's statement that the neocons' critics maintain that "neocons are Jews who serve the interests of Israel," Raimondo objects that this connection of Jewish neocons to Israel's interests is "a proposition that precisely no one of any consequence holds." Interestingly put. I certainly am of no consequence, which is why it falls to me and others of my ill-respected ilk to point out that the connection between the predominant Jewishness of the neocons and their support of Israel is self-evident.

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