Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Peroutka Says "No" to Draft; "No" to Foreign Adventures; "Yes" to Freedom and Republic by Michael Peroutka

Michael Peroutka brings the traditional American Right back into the Presidential campaign playing field with a no-holds-barred condemnation of Bush's doctrine of War and Draft for Empire. He does so in a fast-breaking, fast-traveling news release from his headquarters in Maryland. Join Peroutka's Draft now and avoid Uncle Sam's Draft later!!!!!

June 8, 2004

Dear Friends of our Constitutional Republic:

On February 11, 2004, the Selective Service Agency's Director, Lewis Brodsky, issued this statement to the Pentagon:

In line with today's needs, the Selective Service System's structure, programs and activities should be re-engineered toward maintaining a national inventory of American men and, for the first time, women, ages 18 through 34, with an added focus on identifying individuals with critical skills. Seattle Post Intelligencer, May 1, 2004.

Will the draft be reinstated, we do not yet know, but I do know that men, and women (who by nature are not eligible for military service, even if called), are not "inventory" to be held at the disposal of the federal government.

There are many people, from many points of view, who oppose the draft, so I will take this occasion to demonstrate to you why I oppose conscription of men for foreign wars. I am running for President of these United States on the Constitution Party ticket, so I ought to start with the Constitution in demonstrating my opinions.

In Article I, s.8, cc.12, 15, the States gave to the general government's Congress the power "To raise and support Armies" and "To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Unions, suppress Insurrections and repel invasions." There is a difference between these two powers. A militia was, at the time of the founding, involuntary. They were state citizens "drafted" to protect the State. Such militiamen were mostly kept near home, but were most certainly kept with other militiamen from their area. An army was volunteer, and consisted of citizens of the several states.

Now, whether a draft to the service of the State is sound policy is not my call, Constitutionally, but I can recognize that drafted soldiers would only come under my direction as Chief Executive for three limited purposes: 1. to execute the Laws of the Union; 2. to suppress Insurrections; and 3. to repel Invasions. No where in the Constitution is the Congress given authorization to draft men into foreign service, and thus I may use no such man for that purpose---my oath is to the Constitution, not the Congress.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for a strong American military to help me protect and defend the Constitution and these United States, but I will use our military only for Constitutional aims, namely to repel the invasion at our Southern Border and to execute the constitutional Laws of the Union. I will not, however, violate the Constitution and the Law of God by permitting the use of drafted men to achieve the imperialistic goal of Pax Americana.

As Samuel warned sinful Israel when they begged for a "King ... like all the nations," "This will be the manner of the king that shall reign over you: He will take your sons, and appoint them for himself, for his chariots, and to be his horsemen." A Godly ruler is not to amass military might to himself, lest he see his forces and itch to use them. See Deut. 17:16. It is not sound Constitutional policy, and it is not Christian, to view people as mere inventory to be expended at the whimsical fancy of the Chief Executive Officer of these United States.

For God, Family and the Republic,

Michael A. Peroutka

Peroutka for President in 2004


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