Monday, December 23, 2019

Rand Paul's annual Festivus rant targets Pelosi, Giuliani and "Neocon Apprentice" John Bolton

After joking that “it’s going to be really hard to live with myself if I don’t get to sit in a chair all day long for weeks at a time listening to people talk about Rudy Giuliani” and that House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., would have wiretapped him if he had talked to Giuliani, Paul tweeted, “You do have to wonder how he was the best the President could think of for a lawyer — ‘hey, get me that guy who spills his guts on CNN and butt dials everyone in Washington. He can keep a secret!’”
Paul then turned his sights on former national security adviser John Bolton, describing him as “what's his name, the guy who kept trying to start all the wars but then got fired on twitter.” He commented that Bolton was one of many “hawks the President hired, didn’t listen to, got mad at and fired. Neocon Apprentice really wasn’t very well thought out.” Paul praised Trump’s foreign policy instincts as “pretty good,” thought that the president would describe them as “perfect” and joked that “President Trump grades phone calls the way he scores his golf game, believe me a few mulligans are taken.”
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