Friday, November 04, 2016

Hillary Clinton and the Neocons

Much has been made of the swing in political allegiances of neoconservatives in favor of Hillary Clinton.
As a group, Washington’s neocons are generally terrified of Trump’s unpredictability and his flirtation with the alt-right. They also support Clinton’s more assertive foreign policy (not to mention her closer relationship to Israel). Perhaps, too, after eight long years in the wilderness, they’re daydreaming of an appointment or two in a Clinton administration.
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Julian said...

I want a comprehensive list of Neo Cons on the public teat - and that includes lowly moronic functionaries like John Kirby & Mark Toner.

All of them.

And it includes meddlesome ambassadors like Geoffrey Pyatt et al a meddler in the Ukrainian coup.

I want a full list drawn up and handed to President-elect Donald Trump so he can remove these dangerous ideologues from any public positions, including publicly funded positions like Gershman at the NED.

Can you do this list?

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