Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cited as “Model,” Yemen Becomes Latest Obama-Neocon Tragedy

Backed by the unconstitutional war-loving neo-conservative wing of the GOP, the Obama administration has been meddling in Yemen and seeking to prop up its dictators almost since taking power. As The New American reported in 2010, the Obama Pentagon that year more than doubled the military-assistance budget for Yemen’s brutal dictator. The next year, the Obama administration took it a step further, unleashing secret bombing campaigns against the Saleh regime’s enemies under the guise of killing "militants" that resulted in multiple massacres of civilians. Obama’s lawless support was not enough, however, and the dictator, who ruled with an iron fist for decades, was ousted. His “vice president” ended up becoming the “transitional” dictator until being forced to flee Yemen with his regime for Saudi Arabia last week. In 2012, Obama issued an “executive order” purporting to make it a criminal offense to interfere — even “indirectly” — with the transition between Yemeni dictators he supported.  

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