Thursday, November 15, 2012

Neocon Bill Kristol Pimping His Marxist Agenda – Thinks You Need To Be Taxed More

No surprise from Bill Kristol. His dad was part of The New York Intellectuals, a group of leftist Trotskyites made up of mostly secular Jews who advocated the ideas of the secular Jewish idol, Karl Marx. Yes, culture matters, and American culture is being destroyed by the likes of these people whose culture is incompatible with America’s.

This isn’t an isolated instance for Kristol, as the left-wing Washington Post points out, he’s advocated previously for the government taking more of your money.

Kristol is another charlatan pretending to be a “conservative” (whatever that means these days) and many of you continue to give him credence. Kristol needs to be sent back to the left where he and his family came from. He wouldn’t know America’s founding principles if they bit him on his circumcision.

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