Saturday, July 28, 2012

Arab Spring Comment Was a Romney Love Letter to the Israeli Right Wing

If you speak neocon, Romney’s Israel Hayom interview was crystal clear: the Islamist-electing Arab Spring was all Obama’s fault—because he failed to promote Bush’s freedom agenda. It’s all a message to Israel, says Michael Tomasky.

Usually Mitt Romney’s problem, as we saw in London, is that he says something obnoxious. But on Friday, to the right-wing Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom, owned by Las Vegas mogul Sheldon Adelson, he said something that simply made no sense, about George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and the Arab Spring. Check that: it made no sense unless you keep up with the tergiversations and vanishing-commissar new versions of history propounded by the neocons and duly followed by Romney. Once again, Herr Mittens proves that there are times when he emphatically does not misspeak—when he’s sucking up to the right.

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