Thursday, November 18, 2004

Patriotic Support For A President at War by Praful Bidwai

It is ludicrous to argue that there are “no inherent conflicts of interest between the US and India”. Of course, there are! How can India’s stake in a multipolar, plural, and equitable world be compatible with the Neocons’ Empire? How can the Indian public’s interest in a humane economic policy be equated with market fundamentalism and blind faith in the innate goodness of the rich? How can the universal global stake in nuclear disarmament be reconciled with America’s plans to keep its own weapons of mass destruction, which Mr Bush, in absolute self-belief, is convinced, can only do good: Washington sees, speaks or hears no evil. It never can.

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Anonymous said...


Its good to be here. I wanna type that i hope more learn about this informative site. Neo-Con Bush 2 is obvioulsly tha promised Militarist-Messiah. Him and his administrations plan to build democracy by military strikes and occupation is really helpful. Tha border policy is ont that ensures that jobs can be filled that would otherwise be empty. By mexicans of course, who are Catholic. Tha ill-named Patriot Act will save us all, along with tha Home Land Security Department. And his adminstration is colorful.


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